Timothy Munnings From Training Camp Update

Timothy Munnings From Training Camp Update

Just wanted to drop a quick update on the recent tournament! It was good, we placed 4th out of 12 teams. We fell short of making it to the finals right at the last second, but overall it was a great preparation for the start of the Swiss league.

Group Stages
SC Vorwerk Celle 0 -Winti Panthers 5
FC Verzandkostenfrei 2 - Winti Panthers 3

Quarter Finals
Hertha BSC Berlin 1 - Winti Panthers 5

Semi Finals
FC Verzandkostenfrei 4 - Winti Panthers 3

The season starts this weekend. We have 3 games.
Next month starting July I will try to balance practising with the Angelo down in Basel and with the Team in Zurich, so I that level of play could increase. But for now ill be focusing 100% of my energy into the Winti-Panthers.