Bahamas Men's National Program Players Announced

The Bahamas Football Association would like to announce the list of players who have been invited to the Bahamas Men’s National Program.

From this program, the Bahamas Men’s National Team will be selected to represent The Bahamas in matches against Belize (September), Antigua and Barbuda (October), Anguilla (November), and Dominica (March).

These matches are part of the Qualifying for the upcoming CONCACAF Nations League.

Player NameBFA Club Affiliation
Julio JemisonU.B.
Michael BellotWestern Warriors
Michael ButlerU.B.
Valin BodieCavalier
Devaughn WilliamsonUnited
Donovan WilliamsonUnited
Tre BarryUnited
Tre RolleDynamos
Christopher GodetBears
Cameron KempDynamos
Jonathan MillerDynamos
Marcel JosephBears
Chris RahmingWestern Warriors
Terry DelancyCavalier
Ethan WillieWestern Warriors
Dylan LightbournN/A
Avery KempDynamos
Isiah CollieCavalier
Troy PinderWestern Warriors
Ivan RolleWestern Warriors
Perry BrooksN/A
Stuart HannaU.B.
Shawn WilliamsN/A
Phieron WilsonDynamos
ReJohn EneBears
Dwayne TaylorDynamos
Keegan BischofDynamos
Ricardo McPheeUnited
Kevin St. FortU.B
Duane BenebyBears
Lesly St. FluerBears
Chad RussellDynamos
Jaico PennermanWestern Warriors
Holland ClarkeWestern Warriors
Raymorn StirrupBaha Juniors
Ambry MossN/A
Josh DuncombeU.B
Denzel DeveauxU.B
Jordan FarquharsonWestern Warriors
Irvin BrownDynamos