Coaching Clinics Sunday & Monday 4th/5th March RALD

Please be advised that Sean Bubb will be here on Sunday and Monday 4th/5th March to conduct  coaching sessions at the RALD.

Sunday March 4th RALD
There will be a grassroots coaches session on Sunday 4th March starting at 4 30 pm to 5 30 pm, on the grass field at the RALD.
This will give your grassroots coaches and parents a chance to watch look learn and emulate the process of getting young players to improve in the "Beautiful Game"

Please invite all of your grassroots coaches and as many parents as you can.

Monday March 5th RALD
Any coaches involved in competitive leagues should make an effort to attend.
Attendance will be expected by all coaches who wish to improve their knowledge and have a chance to compare coaching techniques.  A register will be taken which will count towards future D and C licences.  

There will be two 75 minute sessions for our National Development teams covering.
Technical Warm Ups.
Small sided Games to follow warm up
Conditioned Game for pressure and reality

Bahamas Development U 15 Girls Group 6 pm to 7 15 pm  
National U 17 Boys Group  7 15 pm to 8 30 pm.

This will be followed by a short Q & A session where we can put Sean under pressure.

Coaching Clinics Sunday & Monday 4th/5th March RALD