Jared Gascoigne Higgs Get A Ban Of 4 Years

Jared Gascoigne Higgs Get A Ban Of 4 Years

 Jared Gascoigne Higgs of New Providence, Bahamas banned for 4 years

The Bahamas Football Association (BFA) have announced that on the 22nd January 2018 the BFA Appeals Committee has banned football player Jared Gascoigne Higgs of New Providence, Bahamas for 4 years in accordance with the mandatory BFA Pre-Competition Testing, FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations 5- 3 and 8, and WADA Anti-Doping Code 2015, V1.10.2.1 and

The BFA Appeals Committee, decided the following:

I. Mr Jarred Gascoigne Higgs (26) of New Providence, Bahamas:

    i. Is found to have committed an Anti-Doping Violation;

    ii. Is banned for 4 years starting from 22nd January 2018:

    iii. Cannot take part in any football competitions;

    iv. Cannot take part in any activities organized by the BFA;

    v. Cannot enter any facility that the BFA owns, rents or any facility that they host games or tournaments;

II. All football clubs will be notified

III. The decision is final

Under FIFA Anti Doping art 68.5, FIFA was notified in accordance with art. 37 (Notification) of the decision of the hearing panel pursuant to sections 2 and 6 of chapter X (Fair hearing and Appeals).

FIFA, WADA and BADC Anti-Doping rules that all players registered with the BFA will be eligible to be tested at any time and before any International game and/or tournament. BADC can also perform out-of-competition unannounced tests and in-competition test at any time.

The BFA carried out over 18 Anti-Doping test in 2017 prior to the CONCACAF Qualifiers and the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup of which there were 4 players that tested positive for a banned substance and 1 player evaded Anti-Doping testing.